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Make video searchable

The first motion picture was captured on June 19, 1873.

A lot has happened since then, and much of it has been captured on film. As we begin to digitize old films to preserve the content we should really be taking the time to annotate the films to make them searchable.

HistoryInFilm's annotation tool for macOS allows you to quickly annotate a video file in a visual interface. Export your annotations to a finding aid in two clicks. Search your catalog and all shared catalogs across the HistoryInFilm network.

Our goal is not just to make video searchable but to preserve the history of what the film represents for future generations.

HistoryInFilm will allow you to build a searchable video catalog of your own. You can download HistoryInFilm for your mac in the AppStore.

Share geolocated scenes

You can publish selected scenes to share with users of the HistoryInFilm iOS and tvOS apps. Share footage of historic events so people can see history where it happened.

Did you know Thomas Edison shot film footage of the 1900 World's Fair in Paris? If you visit the Eifel Tower today you can see it with HistoryInFilm for iOS.

Want to see what it's like? Take a look:

You will need to be within 150 feet (50 meters) of where the film was captured to view it. This relationship between the camera's location and the user's location really helps to connect the person with the history.

You can download HistoryInFilm for your iPhone or iPad in the AppStore

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