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History in Film

If you already use our macOS app to build your searchable film archive, why not share scenes with the public to promote your organization and allow researchers to search your catalog as well?

• Your shared scenes will be made available to the public through our mobile app and our Apple TV app.
• You will be able to add links that will be added to your content so you can promote your organization or cause.
• You can build an augmented reality experience for a historic location from your existing film collection.
• You can create educational experiences to allow teachers to provide a more engaging field trip experience

Sharing your content is simple and completely free. Simply choose Publish from the Curator Tools menu to send us your content.

Would you like to make your catalog searchable to others?

• The ability to search across many organizational catalogs using the full PBCore data set will be invaluable to researchers.
• Help film scholars and researchers to find content within your catalog
• Your films are not shared directly. Search results return finding aids and let others know how to contact you with the correct reference information for the content they are interested in.
• Get the most out of your annotated collection without doing any extra work.

Enabling search is simple, you just need to opt in. Go to Preferences under the HistoryInFilm menu and check the box to enable search.

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